Can my chapter receive donations?

How To Respond to Donations at the Chapter Level

Donations: In Kind Services or Supplies

Please use the following letter as an example to thank those who support your chapter with an in-kind/non-cash donation. Examples include rental space for gatherings, supplies or services.

  1. Download, insert the details and sign.
  2. Ensure that our full name name, date, location and description of the property is included.
  3. The donor can insert the good faith value of their donation.
  4. If you understand the good faith value is more than $250 in value, send us a copy through an email or scanned copy to so we can provide additional recognition for those who support our organization.

Donations: Monetary Donations Tagged for Chapter Use

In the rare case a financial donation is made for a specific chapter use:

  1. Direct them to donate through our Donation Page (currently located under About Us); or by check, made out to Savvy Women’s Alliance. Please send checks to
    1. Savvy Women’s Alliance 5 Robin Lane, North Easton, MA 02356.
  2. Chapter Ambassadors may request a reimbursement form to turn in expenses with documentation for use of the tagged donation.
  3. For tracking, we will send a thank you and receipt letter to the donor.

Savvy Women’s Alliance EIN letter of nonprofit status

Reference: IRS Publication 526