How to Create a Gathering Around Advocacy

We cater to so many interests and levels of learning - from welcoming the curious, to mentoring volunteers and leaders. Eventually, you may find the heart of your chapter is interested in local or state advocacy work on a specific topic.   

1. Please reach out to us at

We may know the best person to contact. We may know those who have worked on this topic before. We may have seen impactful actions happen....or that are in the works. 

2. Please reach out to us at .

Yes, we repeated that step.  To keep our nonprofit status, we have to know and understand what actions (and how much) are happening under the Savvy Women's Alliance name. 

3.  We want to ensure that change we are creating is done under specific guidelines that don't cross the lines of endorsement.  

Other than that.......go create some change!!! 

Safer States is one of our Founding Nonprofit Partners.  

They are eagerly waiting for our chapters to launch and spread....watching us and waiting for when we are ready to participate. 

Share and use their website to learn what is happening in your state. 

See a topic that blows your mind? Want to make an impact? Let us do the personal introduction. 

There may be an opportunity for a guest speaker or a field trip!