How to Host Your First Gathering

Listening will become your most important job as a Savvy Ambassador. Practicing active listening may be a challenge, especially when Savvy tends to attract passionate, creative and social women! With an open mind, open heart, and open ears, you will create an atmosphere where others feel valued. 

Within the first two Gatherings, facilitate a brainstorming discussion. All ideas are

  • Make it big! Poster board? Markers? Make it fun. 
  • Take a photo and post it in the Chapter Resource page. 
  • Roll up that poster and save it somewhere. It will be fun to pull it out in a year or five years and see what the chapter thought in the beginning. 

This exercise actually makes YOUR role easier --- and we have always been delighted at the topics that come up and how much they vary.   We are so proud to not just be a national organization but encourage activity to reflect communities. 

Brainstorming is fun - everything is encouraged! Not only does it spur ideas, but engages discussion and enlighten other members.  ("Wow, I never thought of that!")  

You will find that some of our members have enough knowledge to lead a conversation or know resources in town.