Why Savvy?

What is the "why" of Savvy" ?

The topic of toxic chemicals in everyday products can be overwhelming.

Information is growing rapidly, but is often confusing, leaving readers feeling frustrated and often with few people to share their concerns. 

Over the last few decades, we have come to understand and accept how our actions can impact our environment.  We understand how day-to-day choices can impact our air, water and the soil we grow our food in.  

Now, unfolding in our generation, is the growing understanding of how our environment interacts with the health of our beautiful bodies.  Understanding this, and making wise choices to protect our bodies, homes and plant is the essence of “nontoxic living.” 

  • The Savvy Women's Alliance takes on a unique approach, combining online social and communities with in-person community chapters.
  • We provide encouragement, support and education.
  • We share topics by theme. Explore, make changes, move forward.  
  • We refer to this as nontoxic living simplified. 

Here our founder, Kristi Marsh, shares insight on "why Savvy" at our recent annual event, Talk Savvy To Me.